Teen Grantmaking Council

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The Teen Grantmaking Council (TGC) is an opportunity for high school age youth across Greater Greensboro to gain leadership experience, meet area youth, voice opinions, and make a difference by making grants to youth-directed projects that address community issues. TGC is designed to train young leaders to make decisions about which youth projects in the community will receive money!

TGC operates in partnership with Leading to Change, Incorporated, and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. TGC is part of a statewide youth philanthropy initiative called the North Carolina Youth Giving Network.

What does the Teen Grantmaking Council do?

The Council meets and works with other teens from the greater Greensboro area, including work to:

  • Reach out to youth in the community to encourage them to plan a project and apply for money to carry it out.

  • Review the proposed project ideas from youth-led groups.

  • Make decisions as a group about which projects will receive money.

  • Follow up with and give support to the youth led groups that were funded.

  • Gain important leadership experience and job skills.

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How can teens get involved?

TCG is made up of 25-30 high school students. TGC is accepting applications for high school students to serve on the council. Applications are due May 3rd at 5:00 pm.

How can a youth-led project seek and report on funding?

Traci Poole, Youth Philanthropy Coordinator

Traci Poole, Youth Philanthropy Coordinator

The Teen Grantmaking Council accepts applications for youth-led projects that need funding (money) each January. Paper versions of the application will be available by December 1st each year. To be notified when applications are available, please submit your email address here.

If you are a previous grantee, please download the grant evaluation form that lets the Teen Grantmaking Council know how everything went. Please remember the grant evaluation form is due December 31st.

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