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Our work hits close to home.

There’s no better proof that your donations are going to work right here, in the community where you live, than by looking at the initiatives with which we are involved. Some are still in their infancy, while others started here but have since spread their wings and now soar on their own. The needs and opportunities these initiatives address are as diverse as our community—as it should be. To learn how to make an impact, choose the initiative that speaks most to you.

Black Investments in Greensboro Equity Fund

Over the past five years, through the Expanding Community Giving initiative, CFGG has made major strides engaging more ethnically and racially diverse donors. This activity highlighted the lack of a permanent endowment focused on funding critical issues in the black community, resulting in the establishment of the Black Investments in Greensboro (BIG) Equity Fund.

Building Stronger Neighborhoods

Through neighborhood development and grantmaking, Building Stronger Neighborhoods (BSN) supports Greensboro communities as they mobilize assets to enhance their quality of life. BSN is supported by the Building Stronger Neighborhoods Coalition comprised of the Cemala Foundation, the Cone Health Foundation, the Greensboro Public Library, and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

Expanding Community Giving

Greensboro is like many communities across America experiencing an increase in ethnic and racial diversity. Every ethnic group has its own giving culture and traditions. At the Community Foundation, we affirm these traditions and work to become better informed about how we enter into relationships with donors of color and engage them in philanthropy. Expanding Community Giving is how we are reframing the narrative of what philanthropy looks like for these donors in Greensboro, allowing us to embrace a diverse donor base as partners to grow our operations and efforts to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Future Fund

Future Fund is a permanent grantmaking endowment made up of young professionals who are investing their time, energy, and charitable dollars into making Greensboro a great place to live, work, and play. “Funders” can participate in a variety of social, networking, and charitable events for an investment of as little as $150/year. Future Fund also hosts the annual Future Fund 10 LIVE, a “Shark Tank meets philanthropy” event that invites 10 local nonprofits to give a three-minute pitch to a live voting audience to win cash prizes.

Guilford Nonprofit Consortium

The Guilford Nonprofit Consortium is a collaborative of nonprofit organizations, large and small, that fosters mutual assistance and support in reaching our shared goals by providing opportunities for education, collaboration, networking, and celebration. The Community Foundation is a funder and fiscal home for the Consortium. It is also supported by the Weaver Foundation, Cone Health Foundation, Cemala Foundation, Foundation for a Healthy High Point, Hayden-Harman Foundation, Reich Family Foundation, Bryan Foundation, Lincoln Financial, Congdon Family Foundation, and the High Point Community Foundation.


The Community Foundation’s housing efforts are focused on convening, grantmaking, and advocacy. In partnership with the City of Greensboro and other key stakeholders, our goal is to leverage resources for maximum impact.

Public Art Endowment

The Public Art Endowment is a permanent fund at the Community Foundation and has become one of the only privately funded endowments in the nation created solely to bring public art to the community. Stewardship is provided by a group of Trustees who are involved in all aspects of the endowment, including selection of artworks and development of programming, as well as advocacy for the Endowment and its mission.

Teen Grantmaking Council

Teen Grantmaking Council (TGC) provides an opportunity for high school students across Greater Greensboro to gain leadership experience, connect with other area youth, voice their opinions, and make a difference by becoming the decision-makers for youth-directed projects that receive grants to address community issues.

Women to Women

This is Greensboro’s first, permanent grantmaking endowment aimed at engaging women who are motivated to improve the lives of other women and their families in our community. Each year, the fund awards high-dollar grants to programs, organizations, and projects that create positive and measurable impact.

Workforce Initiatives

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is involved with several, different workforce initiatives that join business leaders, educators, workforce development service providers, and donors in an effort to accelerate skills and talent development so our community is able to create the skilled workers needed to fill jobs today and for the future.