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A Shared Vision for Greensboro


Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro: Celebrating 40 Years

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is celebrating 40 years! Our team was excited to commemorate the 40 years of lasting impact made throughout Greensboro. We wanted to connect with the community to learn about the varying views of the people who make up our diverse community. Over the summer, we spent three days around downtown Greensboro interviewing people about what Greensboro means for them and how they want to see our community grow. 

With the help of Twin City Media, we set out to capture 28 interviews with 47 influential people from every corner of Greensboro who are deeply committed to making our city a better place for all. We asked everyone five questions to gain insights into their perspectives, motivations, and aspirations for Greensboro. 

As we discussed their aspirations for the city, the leaders painted a vivid picture of their vision for Greensboro’s future. Many highlighted the importance of bolstering educational opportunities for all residents and bridging gaps in access to essential resources. They are determined to see Greensboro as a thriving hub for culture and creativity, where the arts flourish and innovation is celebrated. Moreover, they envision a city where everyone feels valued, included, and connected, regardless of background. 

These interviews with our community leaders showcase the passion, dedication, and vision that collectively shape Greensboro’s future. Their commitment to philanthropy and the nonprofit sector reflects the city’s enduring spirit of generosity and unity. Together, they inspire us to envision a brighter, more inclusive Greensboro, a place where dreams are nurtured, opportunities abound, and the community thrives. 

Watch this inspiring video filmed and produced by Twin City Media featuring CFGG Communications Specialist, Stephanie Surratt. 


Thank you to everyone who participated! 

  • Seth Wingate (Twin City Media)
  • Brent Patterson (Twin City Media)
  • José Oliva 
  • Liana Adrong 
  • Mona Edwards 
  • Mildred Poole 
  • Jim & Louise Brady 
  • Ivan Canada 
  • Erika Wilhite 
  • Sam Bartlett
  • Will Thompson
  • Jorden Brown
  • Bri Williamson 
  • Olivia Blattimore 
  • Ann Lineweaver 
  • Tracy Boyer Clark 
  • Rachel Pront 
  • Andy Zimmerman 
  • Laura Way 
  • Tom & Linda Sloan 
  • Zac & Mary Shelton 
  • Mac Simms 
  • Scott Baxter 
  • Tyler Lee 
  • James Gardner 
  • Ron & Victoria Milstein 
  • Kathy Manning 
  • Walker & Dabney Sanders 
  • Sarah McGuire 
  • Megan Parker 
  • Marcus Thomas 
  • Marc Bush 
  • Richard Beard 
  • Shamira Azlan 
  • Taylor Ghost 
  • Afi Johnson-Parris 
  • Evainna Ross 
  • Charlene Gladney 
  • Ursula Robinson 
  • Henry & Shirley Frye 
  • Swati Argade 
  • Cassie Bustamente 
  • Cecelia Thompson 
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