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Black Investments in Greensboro Equity Fund

Greensboro needs a permanent endowment focused on funding critical issues in the Black community.

In 2015 the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro was awarded a grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation to expand and deepen its relationships with donors of color. Over the past five years, through the Expanding Community Giving initiative, CFGG has made major strides engaging more ethnically and racially diverse donors. This activity highlighted the lack of a permanent endowment focused on funding critical issues in the Black community, resulting in the establishment of the Black Investments in Greensboro (BIG) Equity Fund.

A group of Black donors combined their assets to create the initial funding needed to create Greensboro’s first endowment focused on the Black community.

Black led. Black funded. Black Investments in Greensboro.

The BIG Equity Fund was established in December 2019 with initial funding from Black donors with a vision to be a philanthropic powerhouse that transforms the educational, health, and social well-being of the Black community.

Why is this initiative important to our community?

The global COVID-19 pandemic is exposing and widening the inequities so prevalent in our society. Coupled with the murder of George Floyd and the resurgence of protests for social justice, this moment in time presents a unique opportunity for our community to demonstrate its long-term commitment to combating racism and racial inequity.

Black led. Black funded.  Black Investments in Greensboro (BIG) Equity Fund represents the future of Black leadership. BIG Equity Fund will be the leading funder on the cutting edge of redefining how funding decisions are made in addressing social justice and racial equity issues.

With a proven track record of successful endowment development and management, the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors has adopted BIG Equity Fund as its core strategic objective in its anti-racism work along with its continued support of the Expanding Community Giving initiative.

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What is our goal with this initiative?

The purpose of the fund is to recognize the assets and wealth that exists within the Black community in Greensboro and serve as a vehicle for Black families, individuals, and organizations to leave a legacy that will benefit the Black community for years to come. By deploying various forms of social, moral, intellectual, reputational, and financial capital, the BIG Equity Fund will accelerate the community and economic progress for Greensboro’s Black Community and address issues of social justice and inequity.

To date, the BIG Equity Fund has secured $250,000 in commitments from Black donors prior to the launch of a community-wide campaign to raise $3 million dollars for the fund’s endowment.  A steering committee has been formed to develop the fund’s charter and governance model including its grantmaking focus, which will initially support: small business development with a focus on wealth building support, addressing the digital divide especially when it limits educational growth, and addressing health care disparities.

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Ways you can support the Black Investments in Greensboro Equity Fund

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Donate online

Make a pledge or one-time donation of any amount.

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Donate via check

A check made out to “BIG Equity Fund” can be sent by mail to the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro at:
301 North Elm St., Suite 100
Greensboro, NC 27401

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Matching gifts

Ask your employer if they have a matching gifts program. They are often dollar-for-dollar, but some companies could double or triple your original donation.

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Stocks and other gifts

Gifts of stocks, securities, real estate, IRA distributions, or life insurance are accepted to support the BIG Equity Fund. Stock gifts should be emailed to the Community Foundation and initiated through your broker. Please include details of stock name, number of shares, and which fund to credit.

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Legacy gifts

A bequest is a flexible and impactful way to give to BIG Equity Fund for generations to come. Changes can be made due to personal circumstances at any time.

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