Misty McCall and YWCA Director Dara Richardson-Heron

Women to Women


Women to Women is the community’s first permanent grantmaking endowment to exclusively address the issues faced by women and their families. 


Women are powerful ~ We believe that when women succeed, we all succeed.

Women create a powerful financial force. Women to Women provides members the opportunity to play a prominent role in creating positive and measurable long-term change in our community. We work together to promote and fund programs that remove the social, economic and educational barriers preventing women from reaching their full intellectual and vocational potential.


Women are caring ~ We believe in thoughtful allocations and real results.

Women have the compassion and kindness to recognize where needs exist, the generous spirit to provide the financial resources necessary to help, and the visionary leadership to make the effort sustained and successful. Our allocations process ensures that there are demonstrable results achieved by programs receiving funds. The advisory council is deeply involved in research and site visits to the programs. We ensure that the money we’re granting is going to the best use, and we require data to ensure the success of the program.

Soledad O'Brian and WOTY Recipients

Women are the answer ~ We believe in pooling resources to create a bigger impact.

By women pooling their resources to maximize impact, Women to Women can make significant financial grants to charitable organizations in Greensboro. Together we can provide a better tomorrow for women right here in our own community. In the past 11 years, the initiative has achieved $3.9 million dollars in the endowment and funded 23 programs focused on the issues faced by women.

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2007 Badge


Louise Brady, Lisa Bullock, Ann Lineweaver and Linda Sloan are the original founders of the Women to Women fund.  It was decided that the fund should be a permanent endowment that makes high-impact transformational grants of at least $25,000 for women’s issues. The first goal is set at $3 million, with the intent to eventually raise $10 million.



Women to Women passes the $1 million milestone.



The first Advisory Council meeting is held.



The first Celebration Luncheon is attended by 710 guests. Lisa Ling is the keynote speaker. Women to Women awards its first $25,000 grant for “social services” to the Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.



Women to Women partners with the Greensboro News & Record for the 2011 Luncheon. Together they name Yolanda Leacraft as the first Woman of the Year.  The keynote speaker is Dee Dee Myers. The 2011 grantmaking theme is “education” and Women to Women awards $25,000 to the Women’s Resource Center.



Women to Women passes the $3 million milestone. Lelia Moore is named Woman of the Year.  The keynote speaker for the Luncheon is Erin Brockovich. The 2012 grantmaking theme is “health and wellness incorporating the arts” and Women to Women awards $40,000 to Family Services of the Piedmont.  



Founding donor Gail Boulton funds a break-out study – The Status of Women in Guilford County. The next fundraising goal is set at $5 million, with the intent to eventually raise $10 million. Dr. Margaret Arbuckle is named Woman of the Year and for the first time a second honor is awarded (the Rising Star Award) to Parker White.  The keynote speaker is Gloria Steinem.  The 2013 grantmaking theme is “the arts in the education of women and their families” and Women to Women awards $70,000 to Guilford Child Development.



Women to Women was awarded YWCA of Greensboro’s “Funder of the Year.” Jane Pauley was the keynote speaker for the 2014 Celebration luncheon.



Women to Women selected “economic independence for women and their families” as the grant theme and awarded the endowment’s first ever, multi-year investment in the amount of $210,000.00 to the YWCA of Greensboro’s “Passion to Purse” Program. The 2015 Celebration Luncheon featured keynote speaker Lee Woodruff.



Women to Women in addition to a multi-year commitment granted $70,000 to organizations that promote economic security or the prevalence of certain factors that prevent women and their children from flourishing. To bring home this scope, Women to Women invited YWCA CEO, Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron to be the keynote speaker, the luncheon’s first non-profit executive speaker.


Guiding Principles

  • We value collaboration amongst partners in the community.

  • We seek to support projects that incorporate “best practices.”

  • Creativity and imagination are important in addressing challenges.

  • We have respect for nonprofits and their expertise in addressing women’s issues.

  • We seek to fund projects that will make a measurable difference, and for which return on investment can be demonstrated.

  • We want to support projects and organizations that will make impactful and transformational change. We believe transformation can take place at the community level, system level, organizational level, personal level, and at multiple levels.