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Moses Cone Memorial Hospital Sculpture Voting

3 Artist Finalists

The 3 Artist Finalists for the Public Art endowment sculpture at the Moses Cone Memorial Hospital have been selected. The artists will come to Greensboro on July 26 for a presentation about their work and approach to site-specific public art projects. Please review the finalists below and visit their websites.

Cliff Garten

“Overall, my objectives are to integrate sculpture into our everyday experience. My goal is to create a welcoming feeling and identity for people who work in and visit the hospital facilities. The engagement of the social, historic, architectural, and environmental characteristics of the site are very important to the work I make… I believe the right artwork in the selected site has the opportunity to further connect the hospital to the community it serves while also instilling a sense of reflection and wonder in hospital staff and visitors alike.”

Cliff Garten’s Speech

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Laura Haddad and Tom Druggan

“We envision a large sculpture that is tall enough to act as a beacon when viewed from E Northwood Street, a greeter to those entering and exiting the facility, and a companion to people in the upper floors of the surrounding buildings. The open site and southern exposure will allow us to use materials that are activated by sunlight and possibly wind, eliciting iridescence, luminosity and motion that changes throughout the day. At night, color changing illumination can transform the piece, bringing a sense of drama. The form of the sculpture will emerge through research and community engagement. Every site is different, necessitating a unique engagement approach. For Moses Cone, an approach around notions of “caring” may make sense.”

Laura Haddad and Tom Druggan’s Speech

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Donald Lipski

“I would be thrilled to create something iconic and inspiring for the south entrance to the Moses Cones Hospital. Artwork within healthcare environments has scientifically proven healing power! I strive to create artworks that are dynamic, thoughtful, engaging, and delightful. Sculptures that surprise people and encourage discussion, that create wonder and joy, have the best chance of withstanding the test of time, of indeed becoming landmarks and touchstones. It would be wonderful to continue with something thought provoking and hope filled for the Moses Cones Hospital that speaks to the unique history of the Greensboro community.”

Donald Lipski’s Speech

Donald Lipski


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