Tagtool/OMAi – The Greensboro Sessions

Tagtool/OMAi – The Greensboro Sessions

Tagtool/OMAi - The Greensboro Sessions.

As a gift to the community, The Public Art Endowment, an initiative of The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, provided a spectacular interactive public art experience in which participants became “projection painters” by having their electronic artwork projected onto the sides of buildings and other large-scale structures throughout the city.

A series of public workshops kicked off on the evening of Sept. 18, 2014, downtown and continued through First Friday, Oct. 3. Tagtool/OMAi: The Greensboro Sessions was a featured highlight of 2014's 17DAYS Festival, hosted by ArtsGreensboro. The series marked the artists’ U.S. debut.

Tagtool sessions turn a room or a building into an animated world full of colors, shapes and characters. It is a great way to create an inspiring environment for any event. Tagtool sessions in public spaces are visible beacons of creativity that surprise and attract passers-by. Everyday settings are seen in a completely new light, and what remains is the memory of a special happening.

A version of the Tagtool app was made available to participants for download free of charge.