Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Public Art Endowment?

The Public Art Endowment is a permanent fund or the creation of new community assets in the form of long-term and permanent installations of aesthetically and culturally significant works of art. The fund was created by and is maintained by The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

What is The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro?

The Community Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to strengthening the community for present and future generations. The Community Foundation promotes philanthropy, builds and maintains a permanent collection of endowment funds and serves as a trustworthy partner and leader in shaping effective responses to community issues and opportunities.

What is the financial goal for the Public Art Endowment?

The Public Art Endowment has an initial goal of $2 million.

Who makes decisions for the Public Art Endowment?

The Trustees of the Public Art Endowment are guided by a Steering Committee, composed of Trustees and chaired by Dabney Sanders, and are the ultimate decision-makers of the Endowment. This includes the selection of artwork and the sites on which they will be exhibited, the development of related programming and advocacy within the greater community for the Endowment and its mission. Trustees are supported in their work by the Art Selection Committee and by The Community Foundation staff.

Who oversees the Endowment and who makes up the Art Selection Committee?

Click here for a list of the Art Selection Committee

How does one become a Trustee?

There are three stewardship options. Endowment Trustees make gifts of $25,000 or more. Other stewardship levels are $5,000 and $10,000.

When are pledge payments due?

Pledge payments are requested by the end of each calendar year.

How long does one have to fulfill pledge payments?

Pledges are typically fulfilled within five years.

How long do Trustees serve?

Trusteeship is permanent and begins at the time a pledge is made.

How much time is required of Public Art Endowment Trustees?

This is entirely up to individual Trustees. While there is a full calendar of events throughout the year, all are optional.

Initially, the Public Art Endowment installed long-term but temporary art. Why?

Long-term but temporary art installations in the past have allowed The Public Art Endowment to have an impact right now even as its financial resources were being developed. 

When will the Public Art Endowment install permanent works of art?

The Endowment unveiled its first permanent, commissioned work of art -- "Where We Met" an aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman -- in the new Carolyn & Maurice LeBauer Park downtown in August 2016. After that, the Endowment will continue focusing its efforts on acquiring permanent artworks.

Does the Public Art Endowment work with other arts organizations in Greensboro?

Yes. The Public Art Endowment benefits from strong institutional relationships with other arts organizations, including Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greenhill and ArtsGreensboro.

Is there a map with the Public Art Endowment pieces listed?

Yes. Action Greensboro created a map of public art in Greensboro, including the pieces provided by the Public Art Endowment.