Voting Process

Entrance To A Garden

The 2010 Winning Piece

The Voting Process

The choices and evaluations

Dennis Oppenheim

Fusing sculpture and architecture

Photo of Entrance Piece

Each year, Public Art Endowment trustees select one of three possible works of public art to install in Greensboro.

For our 2010 long-term installation, Nancy Doll, director of Weatherspoon Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and chair of the Endowment’s Art Selection Committee, presented three significant and diverse projects for trustees’ consideration.

The three artists – Chakaia Booker, Dennis Oppenheim and Tony Tassett – work in distinctly different styles, but are united in their professional stature and aesthetic power.

In addition to the pieces under consideration, trustees were shown multiple examples of each artist's work to provide better context to the decision-making process. A proposed site for each piece also was shown.

Finally, a Web site for each artist was prominently displayed for those interested in further research.

Ballots for this year's vote were handed out at the end of the trustees’ Annual Meeting in May and mailed to those unable to attend.

Learn more about our 2010 winning piece and about artist Dennis Oppenheim.