GREENSBORO, N.C. – As the new Carolyn and Maurice LeBauer Park construction continues into spring of next year, The Public Art Endowment wanted to spruce up the area and spotlight the artistic talent of local college students.

James Clemmons

This artwork is by James Clemmons

New jumbo banners featuring the students’ artwork have been placed across the perimeter fencing along Davie and Church streets that barricades the construction zone. Blum Construction Co., which is building the park, provided the banners.

The Public Art Endowment – which is an initiative of The Community Foundation at Greater Greensboro – issued a call for artist submissions from area colleges and universities, particularly art students and students with an artistic bent.

“We received a fantastic response, and it was a hard decision,” said Cheryl Stewart, public art consultant. “There is so much hidden and untapped art talent in this community, and we simply thought we could achieve two goals with this – brighten up what will be, for a short while, a desolate-looking construction site and shine a light on the creativity of aspiring artists.

The artists whose works were selected are:

Dante Demary, N.C. A&T University

Dante has a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts Media. He is an illustrator, sculptor, and an animator. The art he creates is sometimes light and comical and other times intense, but the method of this, “is that no matter what I’m going to get some kind of response out of my audience. Art is life. Art is my passion. I’m sharing ideas that are based on history, philosophy, religion/spirituality, and current events. My art challenges the social norm.”

Jacob Sechter, UNCG

Jacob was born and raised in Greensboro. He is entering his senior year at UNCG and expects to graduate with a BFA in Painting next May. He hopes to continue living and working as a professional artist after school. 

Jocelyne Riehl,  Elon Law

Jocelyne is from Ohio and moved to Greensboro to attend Elon Law School. She will graduate in 2016 and will probably remain in North Carolina. Art is something that runs in the family, though she took basic drawing in college at the University of Mount Union. Her dad is also an artist!

Julie Fergus, Greensboro College

Julia recently graduated from Greensboro College with a Bachelor’s in Art (General) degree and is now a Resident Hall Director at her alma mater. She will begin graduate studies in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education at UNCG this fall. 

Anai Harley, Bennett College

Anai is a Florida native and a 2015 graduate of Bennett College. She attained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management. Though she majored in Business, she always has loved all things artistic. In high school, Anai took painting, fashion and pottery classes. During the fall semester of her junior year in college, she really discovered her true gift as an artist when she enrolled in a painting and printmaking class while studying abroad in Cyprus. In that class, her final project required her to make wall displays with a variety on paintings. Following graduation, Anai aspires to open her own art gallery and continue to share her art with the world.

By Alison Lindley

By Alison Lindley

Alison Lindley, UNCG

Alison received her BFA in painting from UNCG and will soon attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine arts for her Master’s. She has studied in Florence, Italy, and recently attended a portfolio building program in Siena, Italy. Her work has been shown at the Gatewood Gallery and the Green Bean, both in Greensboro

Christopher Austin, Guilford College

A native of North Carolina, Chris received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Guilford College. Primarily a 2-D artist, Chris draws heavily from the symbolic and personal narrative.

 James Clemmons, UNCG

James is a Greensboro native and received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in printmaking and drawing from UNCG last May. Coming from a vested interest in printmaking, his drawings have developed into an erratic and experimental process where each completed work begins to aesthetically lend itself to the next. The thread that binds his body of work is ever present and changing perpetually. His goal is to continually push the boundaries of himself and his work, and to synthesize his work with the syntax and spirit of the printmaking process.