GREENSBORO, N.C. (11/28/2012) – The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is pleased to announce that it is working with city officials to fulfill the final wishes of a donor who left the bulk of her estate for the creation of a significant new public park for Greensboro.

Throughout the past year, the Foundation has conferred with Greensboro officials on how best to create, equip and give transfer to the city of this new public facility. It has now been determined that the park is an ideal complement to the proposed new Greensboro Performing Arts Center, which the Foundation also has been working on with the city since early 2012.

The GPAC Task Force, organized by the Foundation on the city’s behalf, is now recommending using the site of the former YWCA building for the performing arts center.

In an exciting, dynamic way, the new public park, adjacent to the performing arts center, would create the indoor/outdoor experience that was requested by residents who provided input throughout the GPAC planning process. While the GPAC is proposed for the vicinity of the YWCA site, the park is planned to connect on adjacent property across – and including – Bellemeade Street, creating a flexible city park/plaza concept.

The donor, Carolyn Weill LeBauer, who passed away last March, directed that assets from her estate be used “for the creation of a public park for the benefit and enjoyment of the general population of Greensboro, particularly children and their families.” The Carolyn and Maurice LeBauer City Park should provide for exceptional recreational equipment and activities, educational opportunities and public art, all within an extremely attractive, well-landscaped setting.

“This park is made possible because of the generosity of a longtime Greensboro resident who wanted to make an outstanding contribution to her community,” said Walker Sanders, president of The Community Foundation. “Through her gift, Carolyn has provided the resources necessary to create a transformative facility for the people of Greensboro.”

LeBauer’s family has expressed its enthusiasm and support for the direction that plans for the new park are taking.

“My sister wanted to do something significant and meaningful for the people of Greensboro, a city she loved dearly,” said LeBauer’s brother, Charles L. “Buddy” Weill, Jr. “She would no doubt be thrilled that the park she envisioned and made possible will so greatly influence the community and the many new opportunities our residents will have because of it. Carolyn has made a wonderful gift to us all.”

“Carolyn LeBauer has made a considerable and meaningful contribution to our city and its citizens,” Mayor Robbie Perkins said. “The people of Greensboro are in for a real treat with this new park, and we all owe Carolyn an enormous debt of gratitude for her amazing charity.”