GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Future Fund of The Community Foundation achieved its $1 million endowment fundraising goal – just in time for its milestone 10th anniversary. 

“We are so excited to have achieved this important goal,” said Jay Kenerly, Future Fund chair. “This is a great example of how successful philanthropy can be accomplished when we work as a group.”With its $1 million endowment – one of the largest endowed grantmaking funds controlled by young adults in the United States – Future Fund will now be able to fully grant $40,000 a year to worthy nonprofit organizations in the Greensboro area.

In 2010, with a grantmaking theme of “Educational Programs for Children and Youth,” Future Fund awarded grants totaling $40,000 to six area organizations, including BackPack Beginnings, Men-Tors Association, N.C. A&T University, Opportunities Unlimited of Greensboro, Cove Creek Gardens and Tristan’s Quest.

“Promoting Civic and Community Involvement” is Future Fund’s grants theme for 2011.

Last fall, Future Fund organized one of its largest parties ever – a pig pickin’ at the home of Arthur and Desiree Dick. The event raised $30,000. Another pig pickin’ is planned for Friday, Sept. 30, at the home of Jim and Louise Brady.

Jay Kenerly is chair of Future Fund in 2011. Durant Bell is chair-elect.

Future Fund is a fresh approach to philanthropy. Its members are a group of young leaders from the Greensboro area who are committed to making our community a better place and improving the quality of life for all of our citizens. Future Fund members have this impact on their community by contributing to a permanent endowment that makes grants to build a better Greensboro.

Future Fund provides an innovative alternative for those who aren’t ready to establish a Community Foundation fund of their own. For as little as $50 annually for students and $125 annually for adults, you can pool your resources with others in the community and put your philanthropic dreams into action.

Membership fees and gifts underwrite the Future Fund endowment and help you make a far greater impact on the community than any of us can make on our own. You’ll have a seat at the table when funding decisions are made and can sponsor grants for worthy organizations.

For more information on Future Fund or to become a member, click here.