GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro today (March 29) called on area corporations and individuals to “give our time, our talent and our treasure to investing in our community.”

This clarion call was made at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting, attended by nearly 500 individuals.

“Now is the time for Greensboro to stop looking in its rear-view mirror for a white knight to come in and steer us,” said Louise Brady, (right), chair of the Foundation’s board of directors. “We need to come together – collectively – to make the positive impact we want and need.”

Brady said that Greensboro is not setting its priorities. “It’s not clear who and what we want Greensboro to be. And if, in fact, we are clear, I suggest that we aren’t demonstrating the courage to express it and make it happen.”

To this end, Brady announced that the Foundation’s board had approved the establishment of the Community Leadership Investment Fund, a vehicle through which crucial resources are raised to support “the big picture” issues that will shape Greensboro’s identity and direction in coming years. All of the proceeds contributed to this fund are reinvested back into the community. When companies or individuals invest in the Community Leadership Investment Fund, they are joining with The Community Foundation to address critical issues facing the community that require innovation and long-range thinking.

A recent example of how The Community Foundation has demonstrated leadership includes its work with the Interactive Resource Center (IRC) – the day center for people experiencing homelessness that is scheduled to open next month. The Foundation helped facilitate the donation of a building for this organization and worked diligently to convene the different parties necessary to make the IRC a reality.

Another example is the Foundation’s recent grant to the United Arts Council to launch a dialogue about the possibility of a performing arts center downtown.

In addition, The Community Foundation presented awards to two individuals who have made a significant and positive impact on the Greensboro area.

Chester H. “Trip” Brown, Jr., chair of the board and executive vice president of Brown Investment Properties, Inc., and former Foundation board member, was recognized with the Thornton H. Brooks Leadership Award, the Foundation’s highest honor, for his long-term association with the Foundation and his help in its development and work behind the scenes on behalf of Greensboro.

The Richard Strasser family of Greensboro received the Calvin A. Michaels Community Service Award for their donation of a building that will serve as the permanent home of the IRC, a collaborative effort between the Foundation, the city, the county and the organization Partners Ending Homelessness.

The Hugh Humphrey School Improvement Award, given to a Guilford County school that has demonstrated performance excellence, was presented in a tie vote to both Northeast Guilford High School and Ben L. Smith High School. As co-winners, the schools will split the award money—$5,000 each – and share the Humphrey cup trophy.

The Foundation also thanked its outgoing board members – Brown, Roy Carroll, the Hon. Patrice A. Hinnant, Tomasita Jacobowitz, Ken Miller, Norman Samet, Stuart Taylor and James T. Williams, Jr.