CALL TO ARTISTS: Temporary Installation 2014 Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Public Art Endowment

The Project: The Public Art Endowment, an initiative of The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, is accepting qualifications from artists for a temporary public art opportunity. The selected artist(s) will create a temporary art lighting project and/or other temporary event using downtown Greensboro as inspiration and the setting. The target date to inaugurate the temporary project is September 23, 2014, during the 17 Days arts series sponsored by ArtsGreensboro.

The artwork/program should span at least five days. The temporary art project could be extended for several months, depending on the nature of the installation and the technological needs for the artwork. Artists working in the fields of time-based sculpture, performance, light, digital, projection and event-based work are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have demonstrated experience in producing public art events or installations.

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro (CFGG) created a Public Art Endowment (PAE) in 2009. The short-term goal of the PAE is to keep art in a constant rotation, with new pieces introduced each year, so that our community is continually exposed to a wide variety of art and artists. Once fully funded, the PAE will provide for permanent and commissioned pieces.

Budget: $20,000 The budget for the project includes costs of purchasing materials and the artist’s time for design, fabrication, installation and de-installation. The budget also includes travel and insurance while installing piece.

Scope and Project Description: The temporary art for this project is envisioned as way to increase public interaction with the Public Art Endowment and foster engaging opportunities with the community at large via public art.

Artist Eligibility: The CFGG Public Art Endowment Public Art Search is open to all professional artists who reside in the United States with experience in implementing and working in the public arena.

Application Process: The PAE will manage the application and selection process. An Artist Selection Panel of curators and public art administrators from across the country will review applications. A choice of 3 finalists will be brought to the PAE Trustees for a vote.

Timeline for Project Deadline for submissions:

  • February 28, 2014 Final 3 Selected:
  • March 13, 2014 Final Selection Vote
  • April 10, 2014 Installation September 20-23, 2014
  • Unveiling September 23, 2014

Application Requirements:

  1. 1. A PDF, jpg, video or photographic image of past projects
  2. 2. A professional resume and a statement of about the temporary projects being offered for loan, including materials and measurements
  3. 3. All materials must be postmarked or emailed no later than February 28, 2014 Notification of the 3 finalists will be conveyed by March 20, 2014.

Please send images, information or questions to:

Cheryl Stewart /  / 4005 Westmount Drive / Greensboro, NC 27410

For more information on the CFGG Public Art Endowment please visit: