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Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative

Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative (ETWI) is a public-private partnership that provides apprenticeship and on-the-job training to meet employers’ needs, prepare young people for in-demand careers, and enable people already in the workforce to secure better paying jobs.

Preparing our region’s workforce for the future of industry.

In 2017, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and Business High Point Chamber of Commerce received a $3.2 million grant from the state legislature for the creation of the Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative (ETWI), a public-private partnership aimed at improving our region’s workforce. The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro joined the effort, as both a strategic partner and fund manager.

Today, ETWI brings together stakeholders, including employers, chambers of commerce, K-12 and community college institutions, apprenticeship consortia, and workforce development agencies, from Guilford, Alamance, Randolph, and Rockingham Counties to increase adult and youth workforce development programs to meet the growing needs of industry in our region.

Why is this initiative important to our community?

Put simply, we must continue to offer increasingly innovative workforce development programming to both grow existing industry and recruit new companies to our region.


What is the goal of this initiative?

The stated objectives of the Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative are to:

  • shift mind-sets and change the paradigm of career pathways,
  • scale apprenticeships and on-the-job training programs,
  • expand youth, adult, and veteran workforce development programs, and
  • create a pipeline of highly-skilled employees for workforce-challenged industries, predominantly comprised of small businesses.

Since the program’s inception in July 2018, there have been:


“The communities that succeed and grow will be the ones that have prepared and cultivated a highly skilled workforce. Our work through the Eastern Triad Workforce Development Initiative helps ensure the Triad’s success.”

— Brent Christensen, President and CEO, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

Ways you can support Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative

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Donate online

Make a one-time donation online of any amount.

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Donate via check

A check made out to “Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative” can be sent by mail to the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro at:
301 North Elm St., Suite 100
Greensboro, NC 27401

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Stocks and other gifts

Gifts of stocks, securities, real estate, IRA distributions, or life insurance are accepted to support the Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative. Stock gifts should be emailed to the Community Foundation and initiated through your broker. Please include details of stock name, number of shares, and which fund to credit.

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