Trip Itinerary: Day 4

Day 4: Thursday, March 22, 2012


Check out

“Renewal and Return”

Depart for Yardenit

The Baptismal site, Yardenit, is situated at the southern end of the Sea of Galilee, at the place where the Jordan River flows south to the Dead Sea.  The "Community Wall" welcomes the visitors at the entrance to Yardenit with a description of the baptism of Jesus with the text taken from the New Testament, written by the Armenian artist Hagop Antreassian in both ancient and modern languages.

Drive to Nazareth

Nazareth, the town where Jesus was raised, is Israel’s largest Arab city and home to both Christians and Muslims. It dwells in proximity to the new Jewish city of Nazareth Ilit. Here we will discuss the complex relations among Israel’s diverse ethnic and religious populations.

The Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth stands on the site where according to Christian tradition the angel appeared before Mary to announce the birth of Jesus. The Church recently refurbished and renovated with contributions from Christians all over the world, stands as a star in the Nazareth firmament.

Scripture Reading

Lunch and shopping in the marketplace of Nazareth

Visit the White Mosque (Time permitting)

The White Mosque, the most ancient mosques located in the Market, The name of the Mosque is symbolizing the purity, transparency and simplicity – the main messages of the mosque. Other than being a worship place for the Muslim believers, it also runs educational and cultural activities, and in the past it was used as to administrate civilian matters and was running a school and a court of law.

3:00 pm
Proceed to Jerusalem

5:00 pm 
Arrive at Haas Promenade, for the Shehecheyanu prayer, which reminds us that it is God who grants us the privilege of giving us new experiences and the ability to savor new things. For some of us, being in Israel is a new experience; others have been here before. Including introduction to the seam line  

Check in hotel

7:30 pm
Dinner and Briefing on Israel Today: "Israel in the Domestic Arena" by Prof. Reuven Hazan, Political Science Dep. the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at Olive and Fish restaurant  

Jerusalem bakeries tour

It begins in the late afternoon on Thursday. Jerusalemites in certain neighborhoods begin to sniff the wonderful fragrance of fresh bread that wafts through the air.  Shabbat is approaching –large  bakeries as well as smaller neighborhood bake shops are working frantically through the night to create the challot which many will line up to buy. Secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox Jerusalemites surge to the local bakeries to stock up on fresh, warm bread.  This evening the mission will blend in with the Jerusalem scenery and visit some of the legendary bakeries. The tour will be with Uri Miller. 

Overnight: Inbal hotel, Jerusalem