Scholarships Funds (Endowed)

When donors choose to endow a gift to the community foundation, the principal of the fund is never spent. It can grow over time to generate an increasing stream of funding devoted to supporting the continued pursuit of education goals. Earnings are used to make grants that meet community needs. The donors' gift—and all future income from the gift—is a permanent source of community funding that makes scholarships possible, forever.

  • Emanuel Sternberger Education Fund
  • George C Simkins Jr / Gate City Golf Fund
  • Jason Christopher James Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • John Carlton Myatt Writing Scholarship
  • John R. Kernodle Jr. Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Stephanie Taylor Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Thomas and Bettie O'Briant Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • William Bryant Evans & Lucy Teague Evans Scholarship Fund
  • Y-Bler Buonya Scholarship Fund
  • York David Anthony Memorial Scholarship