A national podcast interviewed three members of the Greater Greensboro area as part of a series on giving.

Giving  Black! is a weekly talk radio broadcast with Bithiah Carter of New England Blacks in Philanthropy (NEBIP) that invites guests to discuss a variety of issues related to informing, reforming and transforming giving throughout America.

Mrs. Joyce Dixon, one of our Community Game Changers, spoke with the NEBIP’s 100 Days of Giving Black. As referenced on their website, “Ms. Dixon is one of the sheroes of philanthropy.  She embodies what it means to give back and be a concerned citizen.”

Mae Douglas, who serves on our Expanding Community Giving Initiative, shared her philosophies surrounding giving on “Giving Tuesday”.  Mrs. Douglas is passionate about “projects that empower the poor and advocates for those unable to speak for themselves.”

Dr. Alvin Powell combines decades of experience in the medical profession with his views regarding the power of philanthropy to address the future of medicine.

For more information regarding The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc. Expanding Community Giving Initiative, please contact Athan Lindsay at 336.379.9100.