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Welcoming Professional Advisors


CFGG Welcomes Inaugural Professional Advisors Network Members

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro (CFGG) is proud to welcome the following distinguished individuals to our inaugural Professional Advisors Network:

  • Mike Fisher, Principal, Diversified Trust Company
  • Bob Hudson, Partner and Wealth Management Advisor, Hudson Financial Services
  • Sue Hunt, Owner, Susan Hunt Law
  • Kim Ketchum, Owner, Ketchum & Company
  • Phyllis G. Lancaster, Partner, Mission Wealth Management
  • Davis McDonald, Senior Counsel, Carruthers & Roth, P.A.
  • Jerrold Pinsker, Pinsker Wealth Management, Inc.
  • John (JT) Thomas, Managing Member, Stearns Financial Group

To inquire about joining the Professional Advisors Network, please contact Cathy Knowles at cknowles@cfgg.org. This network consists of expert professional advisors partnering with CFGG to provide insight and advice on philanthropic impact in Greensboro.

Members of the Professional Advisors Network gain knowledge about CFGG’s various giving vehicles, including Community Endowments, Nonprofit Endowments, Donor Advised Funds, and Legacy Giving. The Professional Advisors Committee, a standing committee of the CFGG Board, supports the network. This committee encourages charitable giving and heightens awareness of the benefits of giving through the Foundation within the professional community.

Professional Advisors Committee

  • Ashley Madden, Chair, Director of Financial Planning Services, Hutchinson Family Offices
  • Susan Beard, Director of Brand Strategy and Senior Wealth Advisor, Old North State Trust
  • Aaron Bennett, Director, Carruthers & Roth
  • Sam Cone, Founder, Cone Wealth
  • Keith Hiatt, Partner, Breslow Starling
  • Ron Johnson, Special Counsel, Carruthers & Roth
  • Tamisha Keith, Associate Director of Gift Planning, Alumni Engagement, and Development, Duke University
  • Amy Kincaid, Member, Schell Bray PLLC
  • Jennifer Koenig, Member, Schell Bray PLLC
  • Michael Mahoney, Partner and Director of Wealth Management Services, Northwestern Mutual
  • Jenny McCosley, Senior Wealth Advisor, Beacon Pointe
  • Martha Peddrick, Retired, Special Counsel, Carruthers & Roth
  • Dennis Stearns, Senior Partner, Stearns Financial Group
  • Adam Tarleton, Partner, Brooks Pierce
  • Chris Wagner, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, and Portfolio Management Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Suzanne Wilcox, Principal, Diversified Trust

Professional Advisors partner with CFGG to strengthen client relationships and educate clients about charitable giving opportunities. CFGG acts as a specialist in philanthropic guidance, ensuring that clients’ financial, personal, business and philanthropic objectives are met. Advisors are welcome to collaborate with us in any capacity that best supports their service to clients.

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