Alamance Community Foundation Funds

Alamance Community Foundation Funds

Charitable Purpose Funds

  • Danny Patton Golf Tournament Fund

Donor-Advised Funds (Non-endowed)

  • Alamance County Cemetery Preservation Fund
  • Alamance General Fund
  • Alamance Junior Tennis Foundation Fund
  • Alamance War Memorial Fund
  • Alan and Connie Crouch Donor Advised Fund
  • Allen D. & Nora Cook Tate Fund
  • Ben and Caroline Ansbacher Fund
  • Eda & Ralph Holt Fund
  • Helen Van Sickle Fund II
  • Hodson Family Fund
  • Hugh Cummings Family Fund
  • Jack R. & Dorothy C. Lindley Fund
  • James and Anne Powell Fund
  • Jami Moser Hinson Memorial Fund
  • Jim and Janie Crouch Fund
  • MidCarolina Bank Community Fund
  • Palatin Fund
  • Patrick D. Rudd and Scott Turner Fund
  • Quate Family Fund
  • Rebecca C. Lee Fund
  • Robert and Kathryn Hykes Fund
  • Rosella and Russell Wilson Fund
  • Steve and Sue Buckley Fund
  • Vernon Family Fund
  • Vernon, Vernon, Wooten, Brown, Andrews & Garrett P.A. Fund
  • Violet and Steven L. Wilson Charitable Fund
  • Wade and Linda Williamson Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Endowment Funds

  • Alamance Foundation Grant Fund
  • Burlington Merch Assn Needy School Children
  • Elwood Prater Alamance Community College Scholarship Fund
  • Helen Van Sickle Fund I
  • MacKenzie Fund

Special Interest Endowment Funds

  • Duncan A. and Lula M. MacKenzie Fund for Residential Treatmement
  • J C and Fran Dillingham Endowment Fund
  • J.B. and Waldean M. Taylor Fund
  • Lillian W Sharpe Endowment Fund
  • Lula M. MacKenzie Special Interest Endowment
  • Sondra Hall Jones Fund for Burlington Police Department
  • William Henry & Emma Watkins Sharpe May Memorial Library Fund
  • Wooten Family Bldgs Maint Fd - Church of the Holy Comforter
  • Wooten Fund for Alamance County Historical Museum Cemetery

Organizational Endowment Funds

  • Alamance County Historical Museum Endowment Fund
  • Alamance ElderCare Endowment Fund
  • Alamance Scholars Endowment
  • Allied Churches of Alamance County Endowment
  • Boy Scout Troop 51 Elon College
  • Community YMCA of Alamance County Endowment
  • Gardner Library Trust Endowment Fund
  • Hospice of Alamance County Endowment
  • United Way of Alamance County Administrative Fund
  • United Way of Alamance County General Endowment Fund
  • United Way of Alamance County General Endowment II

Scholarship Funds

  • George Heckman Memorial Football Scholarship Fund
  • Alamance County Human Resources Association Scholarship
  • Alley Williams Carmen & King
  • Ann Beamon Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Chic Lutz Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Danny Patton Golf Scholarship Fund
  • Eddie & Lin McAteer Scholarship Fund
  • Edens Family Scholarship Fund
  • J Harold and Peggy H Smith Fund
  • Ladd Fuqua Scholarship Fund
  • Millie Jennings Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ricky D. Sims Scholarship Fund
  • Steven C. Walker Scholarship Fund
  • Tommy Spoon Scholarship Fund
  • Williams High School Class of 1952 Fund
  • Williams High School Memorial Scholarship