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Louise Brady

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Lisa Bullock

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Ann Lineweaver

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Donors and Advisory Council Members

The advisory council is a volunteer group of leading women who oversee the functioning of Women to Women and recommend annual grant recipients. The advisory council plans and executes the annual luncheon celebration, including selection of the keynote speaker.

Supporters who have contributed $25,000 or more are invited to be members of the Advisory Council. Corporations may serve as Advisory Council members, and each may select one representative. Join us!


Jean Reese†*

$100,000 - $249,000

  • Lisa Bullock*
  • Sally S. Cone*
  • Morgan Horner*
  • Julie Lapham†*
  • Gail LeBauer*, in memory of my mother, Violet Malevan
  • Linda Sloan*

$50,000 - $99,999

  • Jane Gorrell*
  • Margaret Michel†*
  • Phyllis Shavitz*, in memory of Stanley Shavitz

$25,000 - $49,000

  • Anonymous* (2)
  • Adair Armfield*
  • Robin Barefoot
  • Janet Ward Black
  • Gail Boulton*
  • Louise Brady*
  • Mary Gay Brady*
  • Nancy Brenner*
  • Brooks Pierce McLendon Humphrey & Leonard, LLP*(represented on the advisory council  by Libby Brewington)
  • Suejette Brown*
  • Frances Bullock*
  • Linda Carlisle*
  • Carruthers & Roth*(represented on the advisory council  by June Basden)
  • Clem Clement*, in memory of Carlotta Satterfield Mewborne
  • Tonya Cockman*
  • Sue Cole*
  • Katherine Davey
  • Luck Davidson*
  • Cathy Easter*
  • First National Bank*(represented on the advisory council  by Andrea Bunn)
  • Donna Griffin*
  • Ginger Griffin*
  • Robin Hager*, in honor of my daughter, Laura, and in memory of my mother, Glenda Snipes and my sister Cindy Rendleman
  • Berkeley Harris*
  • Anne Hummel*
  • Carswell Jackson*, in honor of my special daughter, Erin Jackson
  • Dina Jennings*
  • Mary Jones*, in honor of Sarah Gorrell
  • Kathleen Kelly
  • Charisse Kleinman
  • Barbara Kretzer*
  • Carter Leinster*
  • Carol Levin*, in memory of Stella P. Levin and Jane D. Cole
  • Ann Lineweaver*
  • Kathy Manning*, in honor of her children
  • Beth Marshall*
  • Misty McCall*
  • Caroline McCoy*
  • Bonnie McElveen-Hunter*
  • Sallie McMillion*
  • Merrill Lynch*(represented on the advisory council  by Tiffany Lam Balfour)
  • Madeline Mills*
  • Ann Morris*
  • Allison Morrisette*, in honor of Ruth Alderman and Nancy Morrisette
  • News & Record*
  • Carolyn Norry*
  • Betsy Oakley*
  • Stephanie Quayle
  • Claudia Reich*
  • Mary Clare Fox Reich
  • Catherine Rice*
  • Emilie Samet*
  • Sylvia Samet*
  • Rebecca Schlosser*
  • Senn Dunn Insurance*(represented on the advisory council by Heather Dutch)
  • Patricia Sevier*
  • Joy Shavitz*
  • Melanie Soles*
  • Sue Starr*
  • Pamela Stearns*
  • Katherine Stern*
  • Kimberly Strong*
  • Julia Sypher*, in honor of Nell Davis Abels
  • May Toms*
  • Leslye Tuck*, in honor of her parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary
  • Katherine Weaver*
  • Julia White*
  • Sue Donathan White*
  • Jacqueline Wieland*
  • Barbara Williams*
  • Judith Williams*
  • Lauren Worth
  • Elaine Wright*
  • Ann Zuraw*

$10,000 - $24,999

  • Lynn Haley
  • Martha Halstead
  • Linda Jennings†
  • Erica Procton
  • Charles Reid
  • Nancy Reid
  • Sally Sherrill
  • Mamie Snider

$5,000 - $9,999

  • Sylvia Berkelhammer
  • Christina Yu Mei Chen, in honor of Kilop USAm, Inc.
  • Vickie Clark
  • Jean Copeland
  • Catherine Kernels
  • Louise Latture
  • Grey Lineweaver, in honor of Ann Lineweaver
  • Deborah Miller
  • Pat Soenksen
  • Margaret Yoder

$2,500 - $4,999

  • Lindsey Auman
  • Sheryl Austin
  • Eliza Barker
  • Marianne Bennett
  • Mary Blackwell
  • Nancy Borum
  • Gina Carrick
  • Molly Carrison
  • Dawn Chaney, in memory of my mother, Evelyn Winters Chaney
  • Anne Daniel, in memory of my mother
  • Meghan Davis
  • Nancy Doll, in honor of Carol Cole Levin
  • Carol Douglas
  • Kathleen Forbes
  • Martha Halyburton
  • Sara N. King – Optimum Insights,Inc.
  • Harriette Knox
  • Allison Lawson
  • Joan LeBauer
  • Carolyn Maddux, in honor of Ann Lineweaver
  • Julianne Malveaux
  • Patricia McIvor
  • Anne Osborne
  • Martha Peddrick
  • Mary Plybon
  • Robert Poole, in honor of Yolanda Leacraft
  • Tina Rierson
  • Karen Schaede
  • Linda Starr
  • Martha Stukes
  • Rebecca W. Taylor, in memory of Frances Taylor Boone
  • Suzanne Tilley
  • Jane Trevey, in memory of Christine P. Whittton
  • Anne Wagg
  • Laura Way, in honor of Kay Stern
  • Susan Wiseman

* Founding Donor

~ Deceased

Last updated 2017 June 7


What they're saying

"The proposal to form Women to Women excited me from the start. Women to Women encourages us to join together in a spirit of hope and commitment to eliminating community problems that adversely affect a significant number of the women of Greensboro. The impact of Women to Women comes from directing the collective resources of dedicated women toward enabling and empowering our peers around the city to address at least one of these identified problems each year."—Ann Hummel, Founding Donor