Women to Women is Greensboro’s first permanent grantmaking endowment to engage women in impacting the lives of our community’s women and their families.

Each year, the fund awards high-impact grants to programs, organizations and projects that create positive and measurable impact. We already have achieved our initial $3 million fundraising goal, and now are working toward raising an additional $2 million! At $5 million, Women to Women ultimately will be able to award as much as $200,000 each year in high-dollar grants.

On November 18, 2010, we publicly launched Women to Women and have since awarded three grants and hosted three gala lunches that have brought together, each time, nearly 1,000 members of the community!

At our 2010 luncheon, we awarded our first grant -- for $25,000 -- to the Sheree Denese Jackson Foundation for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Inc. Our gift roughly doubled the capacity of some of the organization's services. 

Women to Women announced its largest – and first multi-year – grant to YWCA Greensboro in support of its Purses to Passion program at the 2014 Celebration Luncheon. This $210,000, three-year commitment will support the program’s efforts to assist women in establishing micro-enterprise businesses, create a loan fund to aid women experiencing some sort of financial crisis that impacts their employability, and address a “living wage” in Greensboro.

We are seeking the support of women across our community to continue. Women have the compassion and caring to recognize where needs exist, the generous spirit to provide the financial resources necessary to help and the visionary leadership to make the effort sustained and successful.

By establishing and growing this permanent funding resource, we will together ensure that Greensboro recognizes and addresses women’s issue now and into the future.

What they're saying

“Since I moved to Greensboro in 1970, I have heard of and been involved in trying to solve the problems of women and families in our city. I would like to see, in my lifetime, some dramatic and creative steps taken to change the course of events of families in crisis. I believe that caring mothers with opportunities to improve their own lives are the answer to ensuring a positive future for our community. Empowering women—look out!”—Linda Sloan, Founding Co-Chair