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Three Liner

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Three Liner
Evan Lewis

2002, Stainless steel, steel and aluminum
15' x 5' x 5

Three Liner

A kinetic weather vane. The top portion - the vane - is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The base is hand-formed of mild steel and it is meant to acquire rusty patina over time. The main portion always points into the wind; the two side fins "swim" in a mild breeze and can rotate full 360 degrees, depending on the strength of the wind.

Nancy Doll's thoughts

“The piece is graceful and elegant. While it's title refers wittingly to the work's three different linear elements, urging one to think formally about the piece, it's hard not to make associative interpretations to birds and waves. Its kinetic aspect should be dynamic, with the elements moving in the wind and offering ever-changing configurations.”

About Evan

Evan Lewis has been producing and exhibiting his outdoor kinetic wind sculpture since 1984. In 1988 he was commissioned to make a wind/sound sculpture for Expo 88 in Australia. In 1992 Lewis designed and built a sculptural weather vane and a fountain commissioned by the Phoenix Arts Commission in Arizona. Lewis has won a number of awards including the best of show award in the Seventh Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, for his piece, Sound Asylum.

One of his first monumental site-specific pieces was a 30’ high stainless steel piece for a public location in Denver, Colorado entitled Cielo y Tierra. In 1995 Lewis was commissioned to produce sculpture prominently featured in the Warner Brothers production "Twister". Four years later he installed a 40’ high site-specific sculpture for the campus of the Northern Illinois University in De Kalb commissioned by the Capital Development Board of Illinois. In 2003 Lewis installed a large sculpture dome on the campus of the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. A year later he was selected from 117 finalists to create a kinetic piece for downtown East Lansing in Michigan. During that time, Lewis has also exhibited at several Pier Walk shows in Chicago and many other sculpture shows nationally.

Three Liner

In 2006 Lewis installed a monumental kinetic sculpture in the Bluff View Art District in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The next four years were spent developing and installing Lewis’s third commission sponsored by the Capital Development Board of Illinois. It was a very ambitious piece created for the Morris Library of the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. The sculpture consists of two pieces - an exterior piece and an interior ceiling-hung mobile. The exterior sculpture is a wind-powered spinner that is attached to the facade. A shaft piercing the facade connects the spinner to the interior mobile. The power of the wind is transferred through the shaft and a series of gear reductions and puts the ceiling-hung sculpture in motion. The mobile moves very slowly and deliberately, no matter what the velocity of the wind. On the other hand, the exterior spinner might move very dynamically at times in an interesting contrast to the interior piece.

During this period of time, Lewis was also commissioned to create a suite of seven sculptures, entitled “Seven Spires” for the McCormick Center in Chicago. He installed this piece in 2008.

Lewis is currently at work on two major public pieces. The first is a commission with the City of Toledo, Ohio. Lewis was selected from a large pool of artists to create a kinetic sculpture for the new Tribute Park that commemorates the creation of the Maumee River Crossing Bridge and all persons who participated in its creation. This commission is scheduled to be installed this spring.

The other commission – his largest to date – is with the City of Memphis, Tennessee. Lewis was selected to create a kinetic sculpture dome that will be prominently featured on the newly revitalized riverfront on the banks of the river Mississippi. The completion of this project is set for 2012.

Evan Lewis grew up mostly in Santa Barbara, California. He received his BFA in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989 and has been living and working in Chicago ever since.

For more information, visit www.evanlewisinc.com