Acquiring The Art

Guardian II

Our First Work of Art

Acquiring The Art

A Generous Gift

Billy Lee

About The Artist

Photo of Guardian II and Levys
  • Artist Billy Lee, Richard Levy, Jane Levy, Walker Sanders

Guardian II was made possible by the generosity of Richard and Jane Levy of Greensboro, and the employees of their business, HBD, Inc., which was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Longtime art supporters, the Levys became founding trustees of the Public Art Endowment and wanted to give Guilford County a piece by Billy Lee, of whom they are fans. Endowment trustees voted to accept their donation.

“We have tried to support endeavors that have enhanced the city as a wonderful place to live, and the arts have been a big part of this,” Jane Levy said. “We believe visual art is an essential part of the best communities, and the Public Art Endowment help provide this for Greensboro.”

Guardian II is a huge metal sculpture which its creator deems “appropriate” for Greensboro. “As its title implies, Guardian II’sposture, stature and presence is like a keeper/guardian of the city,” Lee said. With its close proximity to West Market Street, countless passersby are able to enjoy it.

“We want to express our appreciation to the Levys, as well as their fellow Endowment trustees, for their support of and belief in the Endowment’s vision,” said Adeline Talbot, Special Projects Consultant for the Public Art Endowment. “In addition, I want to encourage others to learn more about the Endowment and how they, too, can participate.”

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