The Women to Women Endowment of The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is now accepting applications for grants it will award this year to local nonprofit organizations.


Women to Women’s Advisory Council announces the following goal for 2012:


Women to Women will focus its grants in 2012 on transformative programs and projects that impact the health and wellness of women. Women to Women welcomes letters of intent from any health-focused programs including programs and collaborative projects that incorporate the arts into their health and wellness activities.


Successful grant awards will make a meaningful difference in the funded project, program or organization’s ability to do its work and accomplish its goals – and the outcome should create a positive impact and improvement in the lives of our area’s women and families.


Proposed grants should be for up to $40,000 and support one-year projects.


Application process

Women to Women requests a one- to two-page letter of intent from interested organizations. The letter should include an overview of the project or program seeking funding, an explanation of how the project or program meets the 2012 grant theme, an estimated budget detailing how the grant funds would be used, the total funds needed for the project or program and a list of the organization’s board members.


Organizations with projects that are believed to be of the highest impact then will be asked to submit a full grant application.


Email your letter of intent to Mindy Oakley, COO and Vice President, Philanthropic Services, at no later than April 20, 2012.


Organizations invited to submit a full application will be notified by May 25, 2012, and full applications will be due no later than August 15, 2012. Final grant decisions will be made by October 15, 2012. The grant award period will be from the time of the award until October 30, 2013.


Grantees will be featured at Women to Women’s third annual Power of the Purse luncheon, to be held on Monday, November 5th. The keynote speaker will be a nationally renowned personality.




About the Women to Women Endowment

The Women to Women Endowment was created at The Community Foundation in 2008 to engage women in establishing a permanent grantmaking endowment for transformative grants affecting issues relevant to women and families. To date, Women to Women has raised $2.85 million of a $3 million goal.


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