LeBauer Park call for artists — Sensory


The Peacehaven Community Farm Sensory Wall At Carolyn and Maurice LeBauer Park, Greensboro, North Carolina

 Project amount: $30,000

 Sensory Spaces

Many people with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities—such as autism —are also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition that exists when sensory signals received by the brain become garbled and disorganized. People with SPD, whether they have other disabilities or not, may be oversensitive (or under-sensitive) to stimulation of any of the five senses.

SPD is not something a person typically grows out of, but through appropriate therapies and exposures, the effects it has on an individual’s everyday life can be lessened.

Sensory spaces are often part of the solution; designed to engage different senses, they can have a calming or awakening effect depending on the individual. Sensory spaces can be found in both indoor and outdoor settings and are fully accessible to people of all abilities. When they are outdoors, they often take the form of a wall or standalone structure and include elements with varying textures, sounds, colors, and movement.

Peacehaven Community Farm

A sustainable farm located on 89 acres between Greensboro and Burlington, Peacehaven is focused on permanent, affordable housing and life opportunities for people of all abilities.

Both on the farm and outside of it, Peacehaven has volunteer, programming, and entrepreneurial relationships with dozens of non-profits, churches, universities, and businesses. Peacehaven works with these community partners to connect people of all abilities with each other while celebrating and promoting the Piedmont region’s reputation for being a progressive, welcoming, inclusive place.

LeBauer Park Sensory Wall

Peacehaven recently approached the principals involved in funding, designing, and

Aerial view rendering of LeBauer Park

Aerial view rendering of LeBauer Park

building LeBauer Park in downtown Greensboro with the idea of integrating a public art “sensory wall”into the space. In so doing, the project will be more overtly inclusive to people with disabilities, including those with sensory processing challenges. The idea was well-received and a sensory wall to be located within the children’s portion of the park, is now a part of the overall project.

The LeBauer Park Sensory Wall will be an attractive piece of public art that naturally sits within the overall design of the park and welcomes people of all ages and abilities to interact with it. It will include a variety of elements to engage people with sensory challenges in various ways.

The wall will be a testament to, a celebration of, and a pointing towards Greensboro’s inclusive and welcoming nature of people of all abilities and differences. Our goal is for the project to have this theme be central to the design and elements of the piece.

Project Budget & Process

After the Call to Artists is made to North Carolina artists, the Leadership Group will meet to select up to three artists to come to Greensboro for an interview with the group.  The Leadership Group will review the past work and projects of the finalists and tell the artists about the Sensory Wall project. One artist will be selected. Artists selected for interviews will be given funds for travel to and from Greensboro (@ 57.5 cents per mile).

After signing a design contract, the selected artist will deliver to the Leadership Group a design proposal including the artistic and physical plans for the sensory wall and to submit up to two additional revisions pending the Leadership Group’s approval. The Office of James Burnett (OJB) will create the construction documents for the artist’s wall structure and both artist and OJB will work with Blum Construction on the placement of the structural wall in the park design. The artist will also work with an occupational therapist or other sensory experts as well as a volunteer collaborative to include the input from people with disabilities or backgrounds/interest in disabilities.

Once design and plans have been approved, Blum Construction will build the structural wall to OJB’s specifications in the Fall of 2015. The artist will work with the contractor to ensure the structural components meet the design and plan specifications. Once the internal structural elements of the wall have been completed, the external “skin” elements of the wall will be fabricated and attached to the wall in Spring of 2016. Part of this process can be executed off site, and one idea to be explored is whether the process of creating the outer layer of the wall might be done by the artist working with a volunteer collaborative in a public forum. This would allow the process, not just the final piece, to be a part of the awareness around inclusion.

Regardless of whether the final product is fabricated off site and installed by the artist on site or created all on-site, the installation will occur in the Spring of 2016.

Funding: Total $30,000 (including a base price of $8500.00 for the structural wall) leaving $21,500 for the outer layer, special components and all artist fees including insurance while installing on site. The structural wall cost is based on a 42 high, 25 long, 18 wide wall incorporated into the design of the park and completed by park contractors.  The actual design of the wall is flexible, but to be kept within the stated size range.

Eligibility: The project is open to all professional artists residing in the State of North Carolina or within a 100 mile radius of Greensboro with experience in implementing and working in the public arena.  Artists must be able to effectively work within the project timeline and collaborate with architects, engineers, and construction managers under contract to LeBauer City Park.

Timeline for Project:

Issue Call to Artists                                                        May 2015

Deadline for submissions                                              June 26 2015

Refine list of Artists presented/selected                    July 2015

Artists Interviews                                                           July/August 2015

Artist Selected for Collaboration                                 August 2015

Contract for design, fabrication and installation      August 2015

Final Design  Approved                                                  October 2015

Fabrication of structural wall begins                           October 2015

Mosaic work begins on prefabricated wall                 March 2016

Installation complete                                                      April 30 2016

 Artist Application Requirements:

  1. A PC-compatible disc or thumb drive with a set of 15 digital images of previously completed public or private works of art.  Accompany all submissions with an annotated image list preferably with a photo of the image, name of artist, title of work, media, and location of artwork, project budget, and any other relevant information. Please use the cacstewart1@aol.com email for all online submissions.
  2. A professional resume and an artist’s statement (a one page letter stating interest in the project, outline artist’s approach to public art, in particular this project, and/or highlight relevant past experience on projects of similar scope and budget.) 
  3. A self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your materials, if necessary.
  4. All materials must be postmarked no later than June 26, 2015.
  5. Notification of the results and the return of materials will be made by approximately August 1, 2015. Please send information to:


 c/o Cheryl Cullom Stewart, Public Art Endowment

330 South Greene St, Suite 100

Greensboro, NC 27401

Please contact Cheryl at cacstewart1@aol.com with any questions


Click here to download LeBauer Park blueprint No. 1 (PDF):  LB-PRK-20150313-SensoryWallExhibit (3)

Click here to download LeBauer Park blueprint No. 2. (PDF): LB-PRK-20150424-L0 00-Addendum 2 HIGHLIGHT