Lifetime Membership

What is Lifetime Membership? 

Lifetime membership is a one-time commitment to make a lifetime impact on the future of Greensboro. It’s a way to really step it up and make a visible statement that you are committed to The Future Fund and its long-term efforts to build a better Greensboro. Invest now and ensure that your children and other generations of young adults will have a “voice” in Greensboro...forever!

What do you get as a Lifetime Member?

  • Satisfaction in knowing that your Lifetime Membership contribution has a permanent impact on the future of Greensboro
  • No more phone calls for membership renewal
  • Recognition on our website and all relevant promotional materials
  • It is a way to always stay connected and never really "age out"
  • A fully tax-deductible gift

How much does it cost to become a Lifetime Member? 

$1,250 per person ($2,500 per couple). But don’t get sticker shock! Your pledge is payable over 3 – 5 years via an automatic bank draft or annual invoicing for payment by check or credit card.  For as little as the cost of a couple of lunches a month, you can help us build our endowment NOW so that we can feed the needs of our community for years and years to come.

And here’s more good news – if you are a current member and would like to become a Lifetime Member, we will count all of your past membership contributions toward fulfilling the lifetime membership commitment.  You’re already well on you way to becoming a Lifetime Member! 

Why Now?

Why NOT now? Commit today, but pay over several years. We need your commitment TODAY in order to help grow our endowment.  The sooner we reach $1 million, the sooner we are able to fund approximately $50,000+ in grants per year on the interest earned from the Future Fund endowment. Invest now, and ensure that your children and other generations of young adults will have a “voice” in Greensboro…forever!

Great! Sign me up! How do I do it?

Contact Ashlee Wiley or (336) 379-9100 x129 or join online here.

Lifetime Membership Roster

(As of April 19, 2017)

  • Holly and Erik Albright
  • Alex and Teresa Audilet
  • Lindsey and Frank Auman
  • Colleen and David Ball
  • Knox and Dan Barker
  • Mary and Jeff Beach
  • Susan and Richard Beard
  • Jon Bell
  • Mary Katherine and Durant Bell
  • Jackie and Steve Bell
  • Cort Bennett
  • Fred and Kathy Black
  • Derry and Harden Blackwell
  • Elizabeth and Sam Bostian
  • Mary Gay and Don Brady
  • Louise and Jim Brady
  • Krista and Joe Brady
  • Cooper Brantley
  • Helen Brooks
  • Martha and Chet Brown
  • Nancy and Jim Bryan
  • Cliff Burts and Neil Johnson
  • Rebecca and Jeffrey Byrd
  • Kate and Joseph Cannon
  • Caroline and Henry Carrison
  • Robert and Anne Carter
  • Lee Anne and Phil Cathcart
  • Andrew and Sheri Chamberlin
  • Dorothy Chappell
  • Rebecca and Chas Coltrane
  • Andria and Justin Conrad
  • Betsy and Philip Craft
  • Kathy and Daniel Craft
  • Jennifer Cross
  • Jamie and Phillip Dalton
  • Tiffany Clark and Neal Davis
  • Mary and Rick Dehnert
  • Desiree and Arthur Dick
  • Abby and Jim Donnelly
  • Paige and Will DuBose
  • Susan Edwards and Dave Staub
  • Fleming and Whit Edwards
  • Katherine and Graham Farless
  • Jean Anne and Scott Ferner
  • Jorman Fields Fields
  • Garland and Gary Graham
  • Will Graham
  • Susan and Douglas Gresham
  • Jennifer and Jason Griffin
  • Larry Gutierrez
  • John Hagan
  • Harrison and Liddy Hall
  • Margaret and George Hall
  • Carrie and Christopher Hanger
  • Terri and George Harris
  • Eloise and Robby Hassell
  • Jennifer and Scott Henegar
  • Julie and Gregory Higgins
  • Laura and Thomas Hockman
  • Dina and Burney Jennings
  • Candice and Haden Jennings
  • Courtney and Bradley Kamlet
  • Margaret and Robert Kantlehner
  • Rosemary and Jay Kenerly
  • Courtney and Rob Kidwell
  • Sally and Matt King
  • Katharine and James Kirkpatrick
  • Leigh Ann and Steve Klee
  • Harriette and Bob Knox
  • Kathleen and Dean Little
  • Lauran and Zack Matheny
  • James Melvin
  • Derek Mobley
  • Sarah and Richard Montana
  • Diana and Clint Morse
  • Mindy and Chad Oakley
  • Heather and Allen Oakley
  • Kelly Parr
  • Caroline and Brian Pearce
  • Parrish and Jonathan Peddrick
  • Kate and Brian Pierce
  • Corey and Ryan Pitz
  • Elizabeth and Matthew Rankin
  • Claudia and David Reich
  • Jane and Royce Reynolds
  • Lori and Tyler Richardson
  • Julia and Jay Robinson
  • Chip Roth and Denise Turner-Roth
  • Dabney and Walker Sanders
  • Tamara and James Slaughter
  • Michelle and Joe Soler
  • Elizabeth and Paul Stephens
  • Joan and Doug Stone
  • Ashley and Jon Wall
  • Jess and Susannah Washburn
  • Katherine and Mike Weaver
  • John Whisnant
  • Jacalyn and Brantley White
  • Margaret and Don White
  • Courtney and Richard Whittington
  • Ashley and George Wigglesworth
  • Susan and David Wolfe
  • Margaret and Colin Yoder
  • Rhonda and David Youngdahl