The Future Fund, an initiative of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, is a fresh approach to philanthropy. Each Future Fund member contributes to an endowment that makes grants to launch new projects and initiatives that are selected by Future Fund members. By pooling their funds together, emerging leaders are given a "seat at the table" in Greensboro, and are able to create an impact far greater than each individual could do on their own. The bigger the endowment, the greater the impact.

In 1999, Ann Lineweaver, then Chair of the CFGG Board of Directors, recruited founding co-chairs Louise and Jim Brady to start this initiative to engage Greensboro’s young professionals in philanthropy. This fund will enable the Future Fund to make grants to projects, programs and initiatives selected by Future Fund members each year. Since its inception, the Future Fund has distributed over $600,000 in grants to over 100 local nonprofits.

In its 10th year, the Future Fund achieved its initial goal to build a $1 million endowment. A million dollar endowment will support annual grants of approximately $50,000 per year, giving Greensboro’s young professionals a permanent way to affect their community and contribute to the causes they care about. As the endowment grows, so too will the impact of the Future Fund in Greensboro!