The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro enjoys a rich history of collaborating with both people and organizations to improve the educational landscape. Assisting fundholders with their goal of creating a scholarship fund is our earliest model of impacting education. In addition to managing scholarship and education funds, the Community Foundation has invested significantly in organizations that positively impact education. These organizations include Degrees Matter, Guilford Education Alliance, and Say Yes to Education Guilford. 

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is a valuable resource for scholarships available to high school seniors in our community. Each year, donors to The Community Foundation provide more than 60 scholarship opportunities to predominantly graduating high school seniors.

How much are the scholarships worth?

It depends on the scholarship. They range from one-time $1,000 awards up to renewable awards of $10,000 every year for four years.

What types of scholarships does the Community Foundation offer?

The Community Foundation offers a wide array of scholarships including ones which are:

  • Need-based
  • Talent-based
  • Academic-oriented
  • Based on a field of study
  • Athletic-oriented

How do I apply?

Our new online scholarship application tool launched in January 2016. For more detailed instructions for applying for a specific scholarship, please visit our scholarship page.