2016 Interfaith Mission to Israel — Blog

March 10

This morning our group visited Magdala - not only the place made famous by Mary Magdalene, but also where the oldest synagogue ever excavated in Israel was discovered. As an interfaith group, this crossroad of Jewish and Christian history was enjoyed by all. Especially the comforting, interfaith interpretation and perspective provided by Father Timothy Meehan.

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March 8

The perfect start to the 2016 Interfaith Study Mission, our participants got to hear from

Joanna Landau, Founder & CEO, Vibe Israel (a philanthropic-business initiative to improve Israel's global image). Using the letters in the spelling of Israel she provides a framework to Israel's creative energy.

Letters tell the story ...

Letters tell the story ...

March 6

Today community leaders from across Greensboro are making their way to Israel! Building bridges of understanding among people from diverse backgrounds and building respect and understanding across spiritual preferences, religions, races, ethnicities, and cultures, this group is ready to learn new ways to strengthen the Greensboro community!